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Dear Google Translator Support Team

I think the best way to solve the problems, is to write. I had one, 6 months ago, and only today I think I have solved it. 
I have not yet solved the translation problems. So I wrote to Google



Dear Google Translator Support Team,
I am an Italian boy and I have been using your service for about 6 months. I am writing my degree thesis in Copenhagen in Denmark and since the company I am in, has employees from different parts of the world, I often needed to translate some phrases that could be useful in conversations. I am writing to let you know that your service has a lot of bugs, so by showing you some examples I hope that in the future you can correct them so as to improve the service.
Some months ago, for example, I wanted to ask Hristina, a beautiful Bulgarian girl of Italian descent, “Why you never cook at home?” and the service translated this phrase with “#whywhite”. Is very strange! The length of the sentences is very different. With another colleague named Beatris, also Bulgarian, I had a very similar problem: the translation of the phrase “Course to learn how to resize a 2 pixel button in 24 / 48h” returned the phrase “Search on Google”.
Sometimes, however, the service seemed to work correctly. With my friend Jose for example, a Cuban doctor (or Spanish, I have not yet understood) the translation of “problem” returned “challenge”, but we did another test on his PC and when he tried to translate “Sicily” always appeared “The Goodfather”. Another Spanish girl, Alba, same problem: I want to translate “game”, she tells me “Scopa game (see Sicilian cards).”
Now, I understand that you have bigger problems that are more important but I think I can suggest a solution. The supervisor of my thesis, called Simo and is Finnish, is a very professional guy, always says “yes” and has a lot of free time. If you want I can contact him and you can have an interview to hire him. The important thing is that you do not give him glasses, because he always breaks them.


Finally, there is a case that is the most frequent. In these 6 months, I tried every day to translate “Optimov Physio R & D” and only today your systems have given me the exact translation, that is “thank you”.

Have you done a system update?


Waiting for your answer, I wish you a good day.


Paolo 🙂



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